Cremation to save a Girl’s Honor remained 84 villages


170 years, are deserted

About Kuldhara

Kuldhara Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, about 18 kilometers from the village is named after the Kuldhara. And here it is supposedly cursed village is inhabited by foot ghost-Prato.

The relationship of the Paliwal Brahmins Kuldhara

Paliwal Kuldhara living Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmini Bahmnon concerned is connected is said Paliwal Bahmnon them were priests.

Salim Singh and daughter of the head

sent a message that if the girl’s house the girl was not until the next full moon and the girl taken away so he will attack the village. It was a difficult moment for the villagers. The village was to save them either, or your daughter. To decide on the subject of the 84 villages gathered at a temple and decided that panchayats Dewan that your girl will not let anything happen. What was then, the villagers decided to leave the village and 84 villagers overnight disappeared from the eyes. Going after he cursed today in these homes just will not. Today, the condition is the same as it was that night when people had left. WSE is as still as before their home is like the last 170 years.

Peranarml Society team that checked in Kuldhara

Checking in Kuldhara Peranorml Society, said the team is definitely something unusual. A special tool to help the team interviewed some voices were spirits in Kuldhara unusually spirits his name mentioned somewhere.

Those who live here have not come back

Some nearby residents said some of those families who were living Kuldhara what he never returned a not public


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